3 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Home Gutters in Cape Town

3 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Home Gutters in Cape Town


These days when we all have to be more careful with our hard earned money. It is a good idea to maintain your property so you don’t have to replace things in future and pay ten times more.

Among the home features to be looked after and maintained are your gutters.

The home guttering is designed to drain the water from your roof in such a way as to prevent, erosion of the ground below the roof thereby avoiding the foundation of your home from absorbing water. Which in turn could create raising damp in the walls.

So although the gutters are something that is mainly taken for granted and not thought of often as a mere decoration. They serve a very important function in the maintenance of your home.

Many people do not maintain their home’s guttering simply because they don’t know how and how often to do it.

In this article, we’ll answer both questions.

And show you how to safely do this in a safe way.

How Often Should You Clean the Gutters

The first point is how often you should clean the gutters.

One should clean the gutters at least twice a year. It is not good enough to clean the gutters once a year.

Leaving the gutter cleaning to less than twice a year is an expensive exercise, because with a couple of years you’ll need to replace the gutters. Which will end up costing you ten times more than even having them cleaned by a contractor.

The Tools You’ll Need for the Job

  1. Ladder – you’ll need a ladder to get to the gutters
  2. Nails – you’ll need nails to fasten loose brackets
  3. Hammer – Obviously you need a hammer to fasten the nails
  4. Working Gloves – It’s always good to protect your hands
  5. Safety Goggles – Protecting your eyes is very important
  6. Tool Belt – That way you do not need to climb up and down the ladder
  7. Hosepipe – To clean the debris from the gutters

And Now the Three Easy and Safe Steps to Cleaning Your Home’s Guttering System

1. Firstly do not try to do it alone. Find a friend or neighbour (who you can help in turn) to help you hold the ladder. Falling off the ladder is the most dangerous part of the operation and simply having someone holding it, will reduce the risk considerably and potentially save you thousands in hospital bills.

2. Securely place the ladder close to where the gutter meets the rain spout. Check to see if the rain spouts are sagging or covered in mildew. If the rain spouts are sagging secure them by nailing them to the wall. Also remove any leaves from the rain spouts. Repeat the process until all leaves are removed from the rain spout area and the gutters.

3. The last step is to spray all the dead leaves and mildew with the hose pipe, ensuring that the gutters and down pipes are clean and unobstructed.

Cleaning your gutters will ensure that the gutters get a far longer lifespan thereby saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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