Why Seamless Aluminium Gutters Are The Ultimate Solution

Why Seamless Aluminium Gutters Are The Ultimate Solution


Gutters are essential to protect buildings and property from water damage that can quickly become a serious and expensive problem. Fortunately, today’s gutters are available in different configurations, and in a range of materials.

Based on our years of hands-on experience in the industry, our team at OneGutters can attest to the fact that when you combine the benefits of seamless gutters with the advantages of aluminium gutters, you get the ultimate solution for guttering for most properties.

In this article, I would like to explain briefly the benefits that aluminium gutters offer property owners; the various benefits that seamless gutters offer property owners; what the ultimate gutters solution for most properties looks like; as well as how to know whether seamless aluminium gutters are the ultimate solution for your property and your specific needs.

Seamless gutters offer a range of benefits that can simply not be offered by traditional, sectioned gutters. Aluminium gutters are one of the best choices that residential and commercial property owners can make when choosing gutters for a number of reasons, detailed below. All these benefits make seamless aluminium gutters the ultimate solution to protect and enhance the appeal and value of a property.

What Are The Benefits of Aluminium Gutters?

Made from aluminium, aluminium gutters offers a range of benefits to property owners when compared to other materials that are used for guttering, such as, for example, steel, PVC and cast iron.
Aluminium gutters are durable, rust-proof, affordable, beautiful, strong, easy to install and requires little maintenance, all of which translates into a value-for-money solution for property owners.

All these benefits of aluminium gutters, particularly when compared to other types of gutters, are explained in more detail below.

Aluminium gutters are:

* durable – aluminium gutters offer great resistance to wear, ideal for properties subjected to harsh weather conditions, and can have a lifespan of up to 30 years.

* rust-proof – another reason why aluminium gutters are so durable.

* affordable – even though they are more durable.

* beautiful – match your aluminium gutters to the look and feel of your property precisely.

* easy to install – making it affordable to be fitted professionally.

* strong – better suited to withstand physical damage from, for example, hail, falling objects such as tree branches, leaning ladders against it or applying weight to it.

* more environmentally friendly – aluminium is nontoxic and does not break down into shards or pieces.

* require little maintenance – but of course timely maintenance will ensure optimal performance and improved durability.

What are the Benefits of Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters do not have “seams” or cuts like traditional gutters (also called sectional or seamed gutters). These traditional, sectioned or seamed gutters come in pre-cut sections that need to be joined together to run the length of the roof by being sealed or soldered at the many joints.

Instead, seamless gutters are made in single pieces that are not sectioned and therefore do not need to be joined together. Seamless gutters therefore do not have seams, sections or joins where leaves and other debris can become stuck and hinder the water flow. Instead, because seamless gutters are continuous solid pieces of metal, without any seams, they don’t accumulate as much debris as sectional gutters do. This has three super benefits, explained below, in addition to other benefits.

Seamless gutters minimise the possibility of leaks – although leaks are still possible, one-piece seamless gutters are far less prone to leaking than their sectional gutter counterparts.

Seamless gutters reduce the need for regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance.

Seamless gutters will last longer.

Seamless gutters are generally stronger – in general stronger than traditional gutters, seamless gutters are ideal for properties on which gutters become clogged often and are not cleaned immediately.

Seamless gutters are custom-made – customised for a perfect fit, seamless gutters perform well, and also look beautiful with its smooth, seamless appearance.

What The Ultimate Solution Looks Like

Based on our years of hands-on experience in the industry, our team at OneGutters can attest to the fact that when you combine the benefits of seamless gutters with the advantages of aluminium gutters, you get the ultimate solution for guttering for most properties.

Aluminium gutters offer commercial and residential property owners many benefits, including excellent durability, resistance to rust, affordability, beauty, strength, easy installation and little maintenance, creating a very compelling value-for-money solution.

Given all these advantages, it is easy to understand how aluminium is gaining in both popularity and reputation as a great choice in a guttering system. Aluminium gutters often provide the best long-term solution and the wisest investment option, especially when considering its affordability; its light-weight nature that lends itself to quick, easy and inexpensive installation; and its durability in both weathering and physical damage even in harsh weather environments with very little maintenance.

Seamless gutters, likewise, are the smart choice for property owners who prefer less cleaning and less maintenance, are willing to invest in seamless gutters that will last longer and provide better protection, while also enhancing the visual appeal of their buildings. Although seamless gutters are more expensive than traditional gutters, the many benefits seamless gutters offer can outweigh the increased cost. Certainly, in cases where property owners are paying professionals to clean the gutters regularly, seamless gutters will pay for itself in savings on cleaning and maintenance in a short time.

Because of all these benefits, investing in seamless gutters that are also aluminium gutters will provide your buildings with superior protection against water damage and can also increase the overall value of your property.

Are Seamless Aluminium Gutters The Right Choice For You?

But even with all these benefits, how can you be certain that seamless aluminium gutters are right for your specific property?

To make the final decision about whether to install seamless aluminium gutters, get a professional opinion from an experienced seamless aluminium gutter contractor, who will be able to provide an expert opinion of whether seamless aluminium gutters are the best option for your unique building. When selecting a gutter contractor, remember to check that they are correctly certified and to ask for references.

Bear in mind too that installing seamless gutters requires the services of an experienced contractor. Also keep in mind that the cost of a seamless aluminium gutter installation will depend on many different factors, including the location and size of the building, the pitch and slope of the roof, and other external considerations, such whether there are old gutters to be removed, if the existing fascia’s must be repaired or replaced, what material the new gutters are made of, how wide the new gutters must be, and how many corners the building has, and whether installation is on the ground level or a higher level.

A professional gutter contractor specialising in seamless guttering will be able to provide an accurate estimate that takes all of these variables into account, in addition to your unique requirements and the unique features of your building.

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